Quality Teaching

for All Learners

Leadership development

In 2019, Catholic Education Melbourne worked in partnership with Atkinson Consulting to facilitate the Aspiring to Principalship Program. The program comprised a series of workshops designed specifically to support the ongoing leadership development of aspirant principals in Catholic education.

Revising learning and teaching networks for improved school performance

Learning and teaching networks between educational professionals are central to ongoing school improvement for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The School-wide Improvement Forum (SWIF) model is one example of how Catholic Education Melbourne’s Southern Regional Office approached this critical work in partnership with schools.


School improvement and CEMSIS

Catholic Education Melbourne’s Horizons of Hope education framework commits our schools ‘to achieving the highest standards possible based on reflective practice, using data, research and evidence to ensure progress and growth in learning’.

Improving how we support school leaders

Catholic Education Melbourne’s principal consultants play an important role in supporting principals, school governors, parish priests and school leadership teams across a range of their responsibilities.