Catholic Education Melbourne Executive Director Jim Miles welcomes you to the 2019 Annual Report.

Enhancing Catholic School Identity

In addressing the changing needs of our students, teachers, parents, parishes and the community, and the Catholic Education Melbourne community, the Catholic education system is challenged to reflect continuously on its Catholic identity, in particular the ways we articulate our identity and vision and express our distinctiveness as Catholic communities in a pluralistic society.

Quality Teaching for All Learners

Students today are immersed in a globalising world that is marked by rapid scientific and technological growth. As society changes, we are challenged to strengthen the wellbeing and learning outcomes of children and young people through the delivery of improvements to learning and teaching and by supporting the development of our principals and school leaders.

Capability to Better Serve and Lead

There is an increasing need to provide school services more efficiently and effectively. Catholic Education Melbourne is continuing to develop strategic alliances and stronger partnerships with parents, parishes, local government, business and community services.

Financial Report

Financial report for the financial year ended 31 December 2019.

Celebrations and Awards

2019 gave students the opportunity to stretch themselves and grow their sense of belonging and purpose. We celebrate their intellectual, pastoral, spiritual, physical and creative achievements.